*trigger warning* i post images and posts that you may find triggering if you are suffering from an eating disorder, depression or self-harm. however i do not promote these topics and i am not pro eating disorders. my posts just show how i feel.


blithe-barbies asked
need an ana buddy?

I don’t believe in ana buddies, if you need someone to help you then your eating disorder clearly isn’t that bad, sorry if that comes across as rude but I’ve never needed anyone to help me or motivate me, and I personally think that if you do then your ed isn’t that bad. I’m not saying you don’t have an eating disorder if you have an ana buddy. This is just my personal opinion

blithe-barbies asked
Do you have a snapchat or kik? If so what is it

I don’t give out my snapchat or kik on here as originally this account was meant to be anonymous and the only way you can find out who I am is my Instagram and wattpad

i am full of anxiety and daydreams.
i am built from bad poetry and diet pills.
i am a puddle of liquid fire. i am
my own worst enemy.
i am weighed down by words i’ll never say
and calories i shouldn’t have eaten.
i am either too clingy or too detached,
too loud or too quiet,
too serious or too blithe.
i am a paradox with skin and bones
and i’m trying to be okay with that.

someone asked me to talk about myself. i didn’t know what to say // c.u.t (via anarvosa)

Anonymous asked
Hey what's ur insta

it’s just_a_wintergirl_11

tonight-you-are-perfect asked
Hi I've read your story and that's why I'm here I wanted to let you know I loved your story so much and can't wait for more updates you're beautiful and strong and amazing :)

awww thankyou so much! it means a lot to me to get messages like this <3

The Life Of An Anorexic chapter 25 breakdowns and grades - Page 1 - Wattpad


those of you who don’t know, it’s the book i’ve been writing about anorexia on wattpad. 

i’m sorry its taken so long to update, i’ve got a lot of shit going on but i’m glad ive uploaded and i’m so so so sorry for the slow update,

this chapter is actually based on some true events that happened in my life the other week in case you guys were wondering :/